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Dedication      Line1 Line2 Line3 Purchased by

                              Special Contributors $10,000 and over

Camp   Adelaide Camp
Carmans Associations  
Union Pacific Railroad  

                              Contributors $1,000 and over

De Soto Community Foundation   3 Railroad Logo's at Memorial

                              Contributors $500.00 and over

De Soto Rotary Club  
Queen   Russ Queen
Rigdon   Charles & Roberta Rigdon
Roop   Cathy Roop
Ross   Billee Ross

                              Contributors $499.00 and below

Berryman   Paula K. Berryman
Byquist   Eileen Byquist
Hamel & Rowe   Steve Rowe
Hammack   Gladys Hammack
Hawkins   Greg Hawkins
Jett   Mary Ann Jett
Kite   Dorothy J. Kite
Koch   Dorothy M. Koch
Leftridge   Bill Leftridge
Lewis   Gwen Lewis
Memory of Dorothy Bay  
Memory of Mary Wilson   City of Columbia, Il.
Nuckols   Dr. David Nuckols
Queen   Ronald Queen
Roderique   Donald J. Roderique
Schlett   Dorothy Schlett
Shepard   Russell & Vivian Shepard
Stockhausner, Olivia  
Walker   In Memory of John Dawes Martha Walker
Walker   In Memory of Dr. Harold Donnell Martha Walker
Weber, Mary Alice  
White, Janet Blum  

                              Benches $1000.00

Akins and Wischroff   Andrew J. Akins Lawrence D. Akins Alvin Wischeropp Samuel Pinson Harry & Rowena DaPron
E.A. Boyer Family   Adam Joseph Boyer Laborer/Carman 1928-1959 Boyer Family E A Boyer
Hawkins Family   Herman E. Hawkins Blacksmith, Mildred 1922, Herman Gail Car Foreman, Gordon L.Carman, Gregory Kevin Tamper Operator, Michael Joseph Track Foreman Hawkns Family Gregory K. Hawkins
Klaus Family   E. C. Jett 1907-1972 De Soto Superintendent Ellen Jett 1906-1964, Dorothy Jett Klaus 1929 Carl Jett 1931-2003, Lloyd Jett 1933-2002 Sedalia Superintendent Mike, Nelson & Dorothy Klaus
Maness Family   In Loving Memory of Pleasant H. Maness, 1881-1943 Engineer "Big Bad Eye" Everett A. Maness 1904-1959 Engineer "Tincy" George D. Maness 1913-1967 Engineer Gwen Lewis
Vincent S. Schutte   Love In Memory of Vincent S. Schutte, Sr. Peace Dorothy Schutte Koch, John and Vincent Schutte, Jr.
Wilkins   James "Jim" H. Wilkins General Superintendent Given in Loving Memory by his children and Grandchildren Given in loving memory by his chlldren & grandchildren

                              16x16 Engraved Granite Block - $750.00

Agers and Underwood   In Memory of Charles F. Underwood, Engineer William T. Agers, Carman Howard "Bud" Agers, Carman Foreman Jack Agers
Amvets Post 48   AmVets Post 48 De Soto, MO Thanks for supporting The Veterans and Community Members
Amvets Post 48 Auxi.   Logo AmVets Aux Amvets Post 48 Ladies Auxiliary De Soto, MO We thank you for your Community Support through The Years Members
DeSoto Elec. Prod.   De Soto Electric Products D.E.P. Builders Supply Jerry and Dorothy Solomon and sons since 1965 Jerry and Dorothy Solomon
Elks Lodge 689   Logo De Soto Elks Lodge 689 and Auxiliary Members
Hopson Lumber Co.   Since 1880 Hopson Lumber Co. DeSoto, MO. Stokely Wischmeier
Jones, Clarence   Thank You Railroad Employees of the Mo-Pac 1947-1967 Loyal Customers of Jones IGA Food Liner, We made history together. Clarence and Helen Jones Clarence Jones
K & C   K of C Logo Chartered March 10, 1907 We congratulate all Railroad Employees and their Contributions to the Community Members
Mueller Electric   Mueller Electric Since 1927, De Soto, Mo. Gary and Mary Lee Doyen
Sheet Metal   Sheet Metal Contractors, Inc Since 1980 Larry Krodinger
Sou. Commercial Bank   Southern Commercial Bank Cliff Sansoucie, So. Comm. Bank
St. Rose Church   St. Rose of Lima Church Established in 1856 Salutes all Railroad Employees Past, Present and Future Charles Koch, Adelaide Camp, Mary Lee Doyen & Mary Baisch
VFW Post 1831   George Sutton VFW Post 1831 Logo In Memory of all Veteran's Past, Present, Future Members
VFW Post 1831 Aux.   George Sutton VFW Post 1831 Logo Ladies Auxiliary Members

                              12x12 Engraved Granite Block - $500.00

Aubuchon, Chad F.   Chad F. Aubuchon Carman/Welder 1945-1971 Aubuchon family
Bissell, Newell   Newell Bissell Engineer Iron Mountain Missouri Pacific 1858-1912 Marjorie Raker
Chamber of Commerce   De Soto Chamber of Commerce Building the Present Planning the Future and Preserving the Past Established 1928 Members
Christian Church   DeSoto Christian Church and now God is Building You a Living stone into His Special Temple 1.Peter 2.5 Members
Credit Union   De Soto MO PAC Credit Union Al Schlett, Staff and Volunteers De Soto Mo. Pac. Credit Union
Daug.of Isabella   Daughters of Isabella Circle 659 Chartered January 18, 1942 In Appreciation of Past, Present and Future RR Employees Members
Edwin Doc Queen   Edwin "Doc" Queen Years of Employment 1947 - 1985 Chad Queen
First State   First State Community Bank First State Comm. Bank
Govero   Aloysius J. "Cye" Govero Painter 4-19-1947 until death 8-19-1974 Dr. Gene Misner
Ives, John K.   John K. Ives Carman Welder September 1947 June 1990 Marjorie J. Ives
Jinkerson   Marvin W. Jinkerson Carman Mo-Pac/Union Pacific 1952-1995 Union Officer B.R.A.C, Lodge 6078, Member Org. R.R. Mem. Bd of Directors Maxine Jinkerson
Kite, Marvin E.   Marvin E. Kite Carman Employed 1947-1985 Dorothy, Jerry & Mary Dorothy J. Kite
Koch, Herman Dutch   In Honor Of Herman G. Koch Laborer 1885-1900 Joseph A. Koch Laborer 1920 1922, H. J. Dutch Koch Carman 1947 1987 Charles F. Koch Carman-Welder Herman "Dutch" & Charlie Koch & Aurelia Speidel
Lane   Lane Consolidated Services, Inc. Cliff Lane
Laramore, James "Frank"   Foreman General 1 DeSoto Car Shop 1974/2015 May God Bless Our Shop Frank Laramore
Lucas Warren   Scott L Lucas 34 Yrs Srv 6/1974 - 2/2008 Warren A Lucas 33 Yrs Srv 8/1974 7/2007 MOPAC UPPR De Soto, MO Omaha, NE Council Bluffs, IA Warren Lucas
Lucas Warren   Scott L Lucas 34 Yrs Srv 6/1974 - 2/2008 Warren A Lucas 33 Yrs Srv 8/1974 7/2007 MOPAC UPPR De Soto, MO Omaha, NE Council Bluffs, IA Warren Lucas
Martha Walker   Martha Walker Edward Jones Investments 316 S. Main, De Soto, MO. Martha Walker
Masonic Lodge   De Soto Lodge No. 119 Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons Members
Miller   John D. Miller, Sr. Carman 1946-1952 John D. Miller, Jr. Carman Supervisor Enviromental Manager 1972- John D. Miller, Jr.
Mothershead   The Mothershead Family Dava Lee England
Myers   Ferman Myers MO PAC 1913-53 Myers Family Myers family
National City Bank   National City Bank Serving our Community National City Bank
Ozarks Federal   Ozark Federal Savings and Loan Association Serving Homeowners since 1930 Ozark Federal Savings and Loan
Pashia   The E J Pashia Family E. J. Pashia
Pryor   Louis M. Pryor "Pappy" - Carman D/S 1942-1963 D/B 1913 - D/D 1963 Roger, Ronald, Roy, & Robert Pryor & Linda Pryor Burch
Purcell Tire   Purcell Tire and Rubber Co. Purcell Tire Co.
Sansoucie, Leo J.   In Memory of Our Father Leo Sansoucie, Welder Devoted Worker, Beloved Father William B. Bellville, Jr.
Sohn, Edgar L.   In Loving Memory of Our Dad Edgar L. Sohn Mo. Pac. Carman 1947 1978 Janet, Jackie Leon & Lyle Janie, Jackie, Leon & Lyle
Thebeau, Ed   Ed Thebeau 1951-1995 Carman Welder In Loving Memory Mike, Terri, Janice, Steve and Joan Mike, Terri, Janice, Joan & Steve Thebeau
Thompson. Dewayne E.   Dewayne Thompson Beloved Husband Beloved Father Jane Thompson
Walker   In Honor of Robert "Bob" Walker 36 Years of Service Margie L.Walker, A. Renee Evans, Darla R. Fink Margie Walker, A. Renee Evans & Darla R. Finch
Wilson   James Marvin "Slug" Wilson 1947-1956 Electrician Mark & Larry Wilson, Laura Cole & Linda Rosenzeig

                              Tree - $75.00-135.00

Camp   In Loving Memory of Dennis J. Camp 1939-2009 Joan Wandel, Jean Phillips Bob & Adelaide Camp & Cathy Roop
Camp   In Loving Memory of Bernice J. Camp & F. J. "Jack" Camp Erick J. Camp
Deaton   In Loving Memory of Lester F. Deaton 5-30-1922 - 5-5-2007 Mo. Pac. Track Foreman 36 years Bernice Deaton
Dugan   In Memory of Audrey L. Dugan 2/6/23-6/12/08 by Husband Stanley and daughters Sandra L. Stewart and Francine T. Hayes Stanley "Dink" Dugan, Sandra Stewart & Francine Hayes
Ganninger   In Memory of Ruby Ganninger Beloved Wife & Mother 1930-1994 Ursula Sellers
Ganninger   In Memory of Matilda Ganninger Beloved Mother Mary Ganninger
Heffron   In Memory of Betty Baisch Heffron Loving Wife and Mother 1930-1994 Bev Heffron Wilson
Jinkerson   Maxine Spry Jinkerson wife of Marvin W. Jinkerson Marvin W. Jinkerson
Jinkerson   Marvin 49 Yrs Volunteer Srv De Soto MOPAC Credit Union MOPAC Credit Union
Kite   In Memory of Marvin E. Kite Beloved Husband and Father 1925-2008 Dorothy Kite
Maness   Beloved Mother Ruth "Tittle" Maness Gwen Lewis
Myers   In Memory of LCDRD Earl Myers 1916-2004 son of Ferman Myers, Signalman Mo. Pac. Bonnie Rieffer
Politte   In Memory of Dorothy Baisch Politte Neighbor and long time friend Adelaide Camp and Cathy Roop Adelaide Camp & Cathy Roop
Roop   In Honor of Cathy Camp Roop Whose dream of this Memorial Became a Reality Erick Camp, Joan Wandel & Jean Phillips
Roop More Info In Loving Memory of Lewis W. Roop Publisher 1940-1976 Jefferson Republic and DeSoto Press Cathy Roop
Wilson   In Memory of Dorothy Wilson Loving Wife and Mother 1920-1990 Mark & Bev Wilson

                              4x8 Engraved Worker's Brick - $50.00

Row Dedication      Line1 Line2 Line3 Purchased by
10 Akers   Everett F. "Skeeter" Akers Carman Welder James W. Akers
21 Alcorn   Carl O Alcorn Fireman MoPac William Alcorn
25 Ames   Leon Ames Machinist Edward & Angie Powers
11 Ames   Leon Ames Machinist Cash, Unknown
25 Apple   Shelby B. Apple Carman/Welder 10/1947-7/1978 Loyd N. Apple
18 Armbruster   Virgil L. Armbruster Carman Flora N. Jones
2 Armstrong   R.G. Armstrong 1946-1982 Air Brakeman Betty Armstrong
28 Aubuchon   Pete Aubuchon Jr. Laborer Cash, no name
Turntable Austin   Samuel Austin 1905 - 1948 Iron Mtn Engineer Vera McCullough
Turntable Austin   Joseph Austin 1905 - 1915 RR Fireman Vera McCullough
9 Backof   Charles Edward Backof Carman Welder Charles Backof
25 Bahr   Emil R. Bahr Signalman Raymond Bahr
6 Bailey   Dale A. Bailey Carman Reba K. Bailey
12 Bailey   Phillip A. Bailey Reba K. Bailey
8 Bailey   Jesse F. Bailey Carman Hazel K. Moses
23 Baisch   Bart S. Baisch Blacksmith 9-9-1977 Bart S. Baisch
23 Baisch   Carl F. Baisch Carman Carl F. Baisch
2 Baisch   Rudolph J. Baisch Carman June Robison
5 Baisch   Rudolph "Rudy" Baisch Carman Dorothy Baisch Politte
1 Baisch   Warren Baisch Warren Baisch
1 Baker   W. D. "Brownie" Baker Carman Welder Mary & Herb Sweeney
21 Baker   C. F. Baker "Charley" Carman Sandra L. Rolfes
11 Baker   Calvin E. Baker Car Inspector Calvin E. Baker
3 Baker   Walter Baker "Brownie" Carman Welder Judie Trask
3 Baker Sr.   George M. Baker Sr. Carman John & Laura Haverstick
2 Ballard   Claude B. Ballard 111 1962-1992 Carol Ballard
20 Barr   Sam T. Barr Store Department Helen H. Barr
24 Barton   M.L. Barton Engineer MO PAC William Mounts
12 Barton   Walter L. Barton 1923-1954 Margie Keeney
22 Bartz   William J. Bartz Good Neighbor Ellen Schutte
14 Bauer   George Bauer Laborer Mildred M. Freer
1 Bauss   Augusta "Gussie" Bauss Office Adopted by Charlie & Ruth Ann Johnson
4 Baxter   Clifford Baxter 1955-1958 Eula Baxter
7 Beck   In Memory Of Vernon Beck by Towne South Larry DeClue
4 Beckman   Charles Elmer Beckman Machinist Adopted by Harry E. Boland
2 Belfield   Melvin Belfield 1949-1979 Carman Sharon K. Reid
Turntable Belleville   Gary Carman Welder 1972-2008 Jarrod Kincaid
2 Benavente   Hector Henry Benavente Carman Welder David & Maria Benavente, Sr.
11 Benavente Sr.   Hecktor Benavente Carman Welder Stephen Richardson
Bill   Leftridge Carman 1965 - 2006 William Leftridge
11 Black   Wesley A. Black Carman Janet Blum White
18 Blake   Darrell G. Blake Laborer Silivia F. Blake
13 Blake   William Henry Blake Circa 1901 LaVerne R. Moss
15 Blakely   Jhon Blakeley Gen. Foreman Mo. Pac. Gary L. Blakely
10 Bloodworth   George Bloodworth Foreman Ann B. Hopson
8 Boley   Norman Boley Car Signalman 1973-2000 William Boley
5 Boley   Wm. Dave Boley Carman 1947-1976 William Boley
18 Bone   Robert E. Bone Carman Welder Colby & Wesley Bone
8 Bone   Jesse "Joe" Bone Carman Welder Jesse J. Bone
28 Bone   Orville J. "Possum" Bone Trackman Phil Bone
29 Bone   Orville R. "Doody" Bone Carman Phil Bone
2 Bone   Kenny Bone Carman Welder Patricia A. Bone
29 Bone   Phillip Bone Carman 1976-2008 Betty Bone
2 Boone   Frank C. Boone Axle Turner Della Keller & Joan Adams
8 Bourisaw   James "Hoover" Bourisaw Carman Welder Geneva B. Bourisaw
23 Boushie   Gilly Boushie 1977 - 2003 MO - PAC R.R. Gilbert Boushie, Jr.
8 Bowen   Richard Bowen Sup. Mat. Acc. 1948-1990 Richard Bowen
29 Boyer   Clyde J. Boyer 1947-1981 Carman Patricia Southard
4 Boyer   Kenneth M. Boyer 1919-1998 Paul V. Boyer
1 Boyer   Stephen Charles Boyer Carman Helper Fannie Boyer
7 Boyer   Herbert L. Boyer Laborer Dorothy Scarlett
5 Boyer   Gaston F. Boyer Laborer Dorothy Scarlett
2 Boyer   Dick Boyer Trackman Alla M. Missey
18 Boyer   Ernest Joseph Boyer Truck Patch Theresa A. Pinson
5 Boyer   Paul V. Boyer Writeupman Paul V. Boyer
15 Boyer   Jesse Lee Boyer Carman Welder Jane Pashia
3 Boyer   Della J. Boyer Painter Helper Donald S. Boyer
8 Boyer   Adam Joseph Boyer Carman Eddie & Cathy Boyer
8 Boyer   Joseph Adam Boyer Apprentice Eddie & Cathy Boyer
21 Boyer   Joseph "Buck" Boyer Foreman S.Gang Linda D. & Richard Boyer
11 Boyer   Lennis J. Boyer Blacksmith Joan Karsch
11 Bradford   Edward E. Bradford Carman Appren. Charles Missey
7 Bradford   Elmer E. Bradford Supply Dept. Charles Missey
5 Branson   Emery W. Branson Carman Kathyleen A. Short
28 Brewer   Augie Brewer Appr. Carman 1952 to 1962 Carol McKinley Brewer
28 Brewer   Raymond Brewer From 1948 to 1977 Carol McKinley Brewer
15 Brinley   Everett Brinley Carman Welder Everett R. Brinley
21 Brinley   Russell B. Brinley Carman Richard Brinley
6 Brinley   Rick L. "Ricky" Brinley Carman Richard Brinley
10 Brock   Eugene L. Brock Carman Pamela J. Brock
14 Brock   Jackie L. Brock Crane Operator Pamela J. Brock
20 Brownfield   Paul "Poncho" Brownfield Carman Paul Brownfield
6 Brummer   Francis "Pat" Brummer Mach. helper Adopted by Charlie & Ruth Johnson
1 Bucher   Roy J. Bucher Carman
Turntable Bullock   John MO-IL Engineer MOPAC & UPPR John Bullock
Turntable Bullock   John MR & BT Engineer MO - IL MOPAC Kathy Robinson
7 Burgess   Jack Burgess Blacksmith Billlie Fortner
11 Burke   Walter Burke "Green Eyes" Section Gang Rosemary B. Koch
5 Burke   Niles W. Burke Blacksmith Henry M. "Jack" Wall
12 Burke   Arthur Burke Boilermaker 1919-1922 Herman "Dutch" Koch
29 Butenschoen   Marilyn Butenschoen 11-26-07 Marilyn Butenschoen
5 Butler   Albert E "Beans" Butler Carman Emanuel J. Boyer
6 Byers   L. Earl Byers Laborer Rose A. Byers
20 Caldwell   Carl E. Caldwell Carman Eileen Byquist
16 Camp More Info William Owen Camp Machinist Cathy Camp Roop
8 Carey   Ted Carey Laborer 1946-1966 Alan D. Chapman
1 Carpenter   David E. Carpenter Crane Operator Scott Carpenter
11 Carrithers   Robert L. "Bob" Carrithers Section Gang Juanita Carrithers
5 Carron   Jill A. Carron OSS Manager Joseph & Pauline Williamson
11 Carter Sr.   Franklin E. Carter Electrician Franklin E. Carter, Jr.
6 Cash   William Edward Cash Wheel Shop Helen Drennen
19 Castello, Sr.   Al Castello Carman Welder Albert J. Castello, Sr.
28 Castens   Harry Castens 11-26-07 Marilyn Butenschoen
27 Charboneau   Paul A. Charboneau Carman Dora J. Charboneau
19 Cheatam   H. T. Cheatam "Squire" Helper Lindell Williams
7 Childress   Elmer E. Childress Bksmith Helper E. Dale Childress
1 Christopher   Leonard James Christopher Carman Richard & Joyce M. Christopher
18 Christopher   Richard Allen Christopher Carman Richard & Joyce M. Christopher
8 Christopher   James Nathan Christopher Bridge Gang Richard & Joyce M. Christopher
5 Christopher   Robert L. Christopher Carman Welder Cliff & Effie Christopher
30 Clark   Bradley Clark Carman 27 Yrs. Service Bradley Clark
29 Clark   Joseph H. Clark Carman 41 Yrs. Service Bradley J. Clark
11 Clemens   Gene Clemens Machinist Bill Henry
19 Clifton   Frank Clifton Machinist Shirley Clifton
1 Coleman   Homer Loyd Coleman Carman Helen Coleman
15 Coleman   Paul M. B. Coleman Carman Mary Lou & James Akers
2 Coleman   J. E. Coleman "Curly" Carman Mo Pac Richard Bowen
6 Coleman   Lacy Coleman Boilermaker MO PAC 1912- Richard Bowen
2 Coleman   Frank Coleman Foreman 1916-1991 John Williams
2 Coleman   Leo G. Coleman Carman Glenwood Coleman
22 Coleman   Mike E. Carman Welder 41 yrs 1965-07 Linda M. Coleman
Turntable Coleman   Nelson Senior Carman Eugenia Barton
6 Colyer   Wilbur E. Colyer Emerson Colyer
14 Compton   David O. Compton Electrician Darwin Compton
6 Compton   Darwin A. Compton Clerk Howard Hileman
25 Cook   Robert S. Cook Welder Sharon Riney
5 Cooper   Clifton Cooper Timekeeper 1947-1959 Clifton Cooper
28 Copeland   David Copeland App. 1948-52 Frman. 1966-72 Dava Lee Doyen
17 Couch   Homer L. Couch 1947-1975 Walter L. Couch
8 Courtaway   Tom Courtaway 1898-1952 Veronica Boyer
1 Courtois   Bernard J. Courtois Kathy Thompson
25 Courtway   Joseph D. Courtway Mark E. Wilson
7 Courtway   Jerry L. Courtway Carman Jerry L. Courtway
11 Datillo   Michael Datillo Carman Mary E. Patterson
1 Datillo   Thomas Datillo Carman Mary E. Patterson
30 Daugherty   Tom Daugherty 1946-1949 Carman Ann Daugherty
25 Davis   Harold L. Davis Carolyn Livengood
21 Davis   Howard "Sam" Davis Car Repairer Scott Davis
5 Day   Norman C. Day Foreman Holly Day
5 Day   Norman C. Day Asst. General Car Foreman Clifford Day
13 DeClue   Lucien DeClue Engineer Patti Dorlac
19 DeClue   Kevin DeClue Painter Kevin DeClue
22 DeClue   J. E. DeClue Carman 1946-1982 Joseph De Clue
6 Dennis   Jasper W. Dennis 30 years Edith Harmon
7 Dennison   Orville H. Dennison Signalman Mary Alice Weber
17 Dickerman   Frank Aaron Dickerman Engine Driver Pat Galanos
18 Dickerman   Frank Dickerman Engineer Melba Missey
16 Dickerson   Deck Dickerson Engineer John Dickerson
6 Dierks   Raymond F. Dierks Carman Welder Cash, no name given
18 Dodson   Howard Dodson Carman Mildred M. Freer
27 Dodson   George Dodson Gen. Foreman Mildred M. Freer
6 Dodson   Neal Dodson Laborer Mildred M. Freer
16 Dodson   George W. Dodson Gen. Foreman Harold Gibson
Turntable Dodson   Alfred "Tootie" Carman Helper Karl Dodson
27 Dolstrom   Elmer Dolstrom Blacksmith Gloria Recar in honor of Mary Ganninger
2 Donahue   Bernard Barney Donahue Gen. Foreman Bernard F. Donahue, Jr.
14 Dover   JS Sant Dover "Little Boy" Blue1900-1910 Elizabeth Mahn
26 Doyen, Jr.   Denis Doyen, Jr. Brakeman 1979-1981 Denis Doyen, Jr.
19 Doyen, Sr.   Denis l. Doyen 1952-1987 G.M. Marketing Patrick & Pam Downs
17 Drennen   William Paul "P.D." Drennen We Miss You Maxine B. Drennen
8 Drewes   Judith A. Drewes 1979-1985 Margie Keeney
1 Duffner   Mary Frances Duffner Office Katherine Scharnhost
6 Dugan   Sylvas Lee Dugan Blacksmith Myrtle D. Jones
6 Dugan   John W. Dugan Carman Myrtle D. Jones
5 Dugan   Edgar N. Dugan Carman Myrtle D. Jones
14 Dugan   Stanley F. Dink Dugan Carman Leadman Myrtle D. Jones
12 Dugan   Gilbert L. Dugan Carman Welder Mildred M. Freer
5 Dugan   George D. Dugan Carman Welder Myrtle D. Jones
16 Dugan   Gilbert Lee Dugan Carman Welder Myrtle D. Jones
14 Dugan   John S. Dugan Watchman Myrtle D. Jones
24 Dunn   Jim Dunn 1930's RR Detective Adelaide Camp
22 Duperrett   Paul E. Duperrett Carman Harold Gibson
29 Dyer   Casey Dyer and family Casey Dyer Family
8 Edwards   Paul L. Edwards Foreman 1947-1962 Paula K. Berryman
16 Edwards   Catherine Edwards Clerk Paula K. Berryman
29 Ellis   Richard "Dick" Ellis Signalman Nita Ellis Caldwell
27 Ellis   Wm C. Ellis Railway Conductor Ellis Family Nita Ellis Caldwell
14 Evans   Gus Evans Engineer Barbara A. Hoelzel
27 Forrester   Charles Forrester Station Agent Telegrapher Nita Ellis Caldwell
1 Francis   Alvis "Ted" Francis Station Clerk Richard Francis
14 Franklin   William E. Franklin Laborer Lillie & Gary Porterfield
17 Freer   James E. Freer Carman Helper Joseph Glenn Freer
7 Freer   Paul G. Freer Machinist Joseph Glenn Freer
6 Freer Jr.   J. Glenn Freer Jr. Carman Welder Joseph Glenn Freer
18 Freer Sr.   J. G. Freer Sr. Carman Millman Joseph Glenn Freer
17 Friend   P.C. Friend Station Agent Mary Alice Weber
15 Gann   Verlin Delroy Gann Carman Verlin Deloy Gann
5 Ganninger   Charles F. Ganninger Blacksmith Ganninger, Hudson, Ott & Warden
18 Ganninger   Francis J. Ganninger Blacksmith Ganninger, Hudson, Ott & Warden
7 Ganninger   Arthur C. Ganninger Carman Ursula Sellers
5 Ganninger   Patrick C. F. Ganninger Carman Welder Patrick C. F. Ganninger
5 Ganninger   Albert Ganninger Ganninger, Hudson, Ott & Warden
14 Garrett   Ralph H. Garrett Carman 44-98 Ralph H. Garrett
25 Garrett   J. Ben Garrett 8-13-1924 Ralph H. Garrett
26 Gibbons   B. Harrison Gibbons 1910 Conductor 1950 Jim Harston
6 Gibbons   Oscar James Gibbons Brakeman Lorene Hawn & Rosemary Koch
18 Gibson   Harold I. Gibson Carman Harold Gibson
1 Gibson   William F. Gibson Engineer Harold Gibson
6 Gideon   H. E. Gideon Carman Retired 1950 Ora Mae Williamson
25 Girardier   Darrel W. Girardier Carman Darrel W. Girardier
23 Goff   J. C. Goff Laborer Ellis Family Nita Ellis Caldwell
22 Govero   Raymond Joseph Govero Painter Charles Backof
18 Govero   Raymond J. Govero Tiff Mo. Donna Portell
15 Gowan   Fred W. Gowan 42 years Served Mo-Pac Larry Kempa
24 Graham   Clyde W Graham MoPac 43 Years 1953-1996 George C. Hassan
9 Greenlee   Edwin C. Greenlee Spot Welder Bertha Greenlee
15 Grimes   Allen F. Grimes Mo. Pacific 42 Great Years Warren Martin
16 Gunnett   Albert Gunnett Bksmith Helper Wm. E. Salisbury
15 Hahn   Carl J. Hahn Carman Millman Carl Hahn
18 Hahn   Paul G. Hahn Apprentice Laura A. Hahn
1 Hall   Henry T. Hall Carman John & Laura Haverstick
24 Ham   Gary Ham Carman Writeup 12/04/69 Gary Ham
2 Hamel   Harold R. Hamel Temp. Carman Harold & Dolores Hamel
22 Hamel   David Hamel Asst Supt MoPac 1947-1962 Richard Hamel
22 Hamel   Oscar W Hamel 1946-1968 Carman MoPac Richard Hamel
21 Hammack   Robert L. Hammack Carman Gladys Hammack
28 Hammon   In Memory of John Hammon Carman/Welder Ernie Hammon
10 Haring   Tom Haring Electrician Donald Warren
13 Harman   James D. Harman 41 yrs. Carman-Welder
4 Harmon   Clyde Owen Harmon Car Inspector Edith M. Harmon
25 Harper   Otis W. Harper Carman Lorene Jonas
15 Harris   Raymond "R.C." Harris 1948-1975 Carl C. Harris
24 Hartly   David Hartly Foreman John L. Mayer
18 Hartnett   Frank Hartnett MoPac Railroad Brakeman R. M. Jones
25 Hassen   George "Chris" Hassen Laborer Chris 06 Brenda Hassen
Turntable Hassen   George Chris Carman Brenda Hassen
10 Hatcher   Orville Hatcher Machinist Bill Henry
2 Haverstick   Alfred M. Haverstick Carman Welder John & Laura Haverstick
5 Haverstick   Walter "Pie" Haverstick Carman Kathleen A. Maddox
21 Haverstick   Tom Haverstick
6 Hawkins   Gordon L. Hawkins Carman Greg Hawkins
6 Hawkins   H. Gail Hawkins Foreman Greg Hawkins
14 Hawkins   Everett "E.P." Hawkins Carman Painter Janet Dyle
14 Hawkins   Herman E. Hawkins Blacksmith S. Denver Page
18 Hawkins   H. Gail Hawkins Foreman S. Denver Page
9 Hawkins   David P. Hawkins Carman Ora W. Hawkins
11 Hawkins   David D. Hawkins Carman Ora W. Hawkins
2 Hawkins   Darrel W. Hawkins Foreman Ora W. Hawkins
4 Hawkins   Dennis R. Hawkins Carman Ora W. Hawkins
17 Hawkins   Clyde Calvin Hawkins Carman MO PAC Greg Hawkins
6 Hawkins   Herman Edw. Hawkins Blacksmith Greg Hawkins
22 Hawkins   Gregory Kevin Hawkins Carman Appren Greg Hawkins
15 Hawkins   Gordon L. Hawkins Carman Welder S. Denver Page
5 Hayes   George H. Hayes Carman Helen R. Agnello
9 Hayes   Robert Lee Hayes Laborer
8 Hayes   Robert Lee Hayes Laborer 1949-1974 Robert Hayes, Jr.
1 Hayes   Ralph Hayes Carman Kathleen A. Maddox
25 Hayes   James A. Hayes Adopted by James H. Casey
6 Head   Garry W. Head Carman Welder Marjorie A. Head
9 Head   Robert Lewis Head Carman Welder James Head
6 Head   James Allen Head Carman James Head
9 Hearst   Charles "Pap" Hearst Conductor Mrs. Karl Hoelscher, Jr.
26 Hearst   William F. Hearst Engineer Shala E. Huff
11 Hearst   Francis M. Frank" Hearst Shop Foreman Shala E. Huff
9 Hedger   John "Mutt" Hedger
9 Heffron   Marvin Heffron Carman Marvin Heffron
12 Hellwig   Joe P. Hellwig Carman Amylee Bea Hellwig
11 Henderson   Teddy R. Henderson Laborer Sue Henderson
8 Henderson Jr.   Buford T. Henderson Jr. Carman Francine S. Henderson
22 Henderson Sr.   Buford T. Henderson Sr. Carman Francine S. Henderson
1 Hensley   Guy H. Hensley Carman Audrey L. Dugan
8 Herdlein   Henry Herdlein Div. Foreman Margie Keeney
Turntable Hern   Jim Supervisor 06/76-06/18 Shelly Hern
23 Hileman   Opal M. Hileman Acct. Dept. 1955-1986 Howard Hileman
12 Hill   William "Bill" Hill Carman Painter Stephen Richardson
5 Hinchey   Edwin Hinchey Carman Welder Edwin Hinchey
15 Hoard   William Hoard 1858-1939 E. R. Hoard
11 Hoard   Ephraim Hoard Born 1821 St Lo Iron Mtn E. R. Hoard
17 Hobson   Robert Hobson "Chalk eye" Electrician Geoge L. Howard
3 Hobson   Robert C. Hobson 8-22-32 10-02-99
Turntable Hochthurn   Mike Sales Marilyn Penrod
5 Hodge   Gleanwood R. Hodge Carman Charles & Roberta Rigdon
1 Hoehn   William H. Hoehn Lillian Hoehn
2 Hoelzel   Carl W. Hoelzel Carman Barbara A. Hoelzel
10 Hogan   Leo B Hogan Carman Welder Don & Lee Ellen Hogan
6 Holbert   "Our Father" Earl G Holbert 1945-1985 Glenda King
29 Holdman   Perry Holdman Section Crew Ruby Wood
5 Holt   F. S. "Pete" Holt CNW-UP Joanne E. Holt
20 Howard   George L. Howard Carman Geoge L. Howard
2 Hoyt   James William Hoyt Fireman Joan McCurdy
13 Hoyt   W. Ed. Hoyt Carman Bob & Jackie Hoyt
2 Hoyt   J. W. Hoyt "Blue Racer" Boiler Maker Bob & Jackie Hoyt
3 Humphrey   Gene Humphrey Carman Helper Margie Humphrey
10 Humphrey   Stephen "Red" Humphrey Carman Jenny Long
10 Humphrey   Stephen A. Humphrey Carman Helper Regina Humphrey
11 Humphrey   Robert E. Humphrey Carman Regina Humphrey
2 Hurley   James L. Hurley Carman Inspec. Carol A. Hurley
5 Huskey   J. B. Huskey Carman Edwin "Doc" Queen
14 Huskey   W. "Jiggs" Huskey Carman Fay I. Huskey
2 Huskey   Leslie Huskey Carman Welder Leslie Huskey
23 Huskey   Bruce Huskey Carman/Elect. 10-18-04 Carol Huskey
25 Hutchings   Luther Max Hutchings 1946-1980 Judith Poncet
11 Irwin   Tim Irwin Carman Welder Tim Irwin
22 Irwin   David B. Irwin Carman Debbie Johnson
28 Isgrig   Jesse W. Isgrig Carman Helper Zelma Isgrig
5 Isgriggs   Howard G. Isgriggs Carman Alnah A. Sutton
22 Israel   Elihu Israel 1910 Adopted by Roberta Northcutt
6 Jackson   L.J. Jackson 1898-1994 Section Foreman Joseph Jackson
3 Janky   Peter M. Janky Carman Welder Peter M. Janky
6 Jenkins   Marvin C. Jenkins Darlene Jenkins
23 Jett   Lloyd E. Jett General Foreman Mary Ann Jett
24 Jinkerson   Marvin Wayne Jinkerson Carman Melanie M. Goldstein
18 Jinkerson   Timothy M. Jinkerson Carman Timothy Jinkerson
29 Jinkerson   Guy Jinkerson 1900-1970 Carman Marvin Jinkerson
28 Jinkerson   Charles A. Jinkerson Carman
31 John   Wesley Pope Mildred Ames Winemiller
18 Johnson   Leslie James Johnson Carman Christine L. Long
31 Johnson   Harold Monroe Johnson Lawrence Powers
30 Johnson   Samuel E. Johnson Car Inspector Samuel E. Johnson
8 Johnston   Roscoe A. Johnston Gen. Chairman Margaret R. L. Johnston
25 Johnston   Carl A. Johnston Carman Norman J. Johnston
8 Johnston   Earl "Bum" Johnston Carman Welder Frances Johnston
19 Johnston   Raymond "Buck" Johnston Laborer Marilyn B. Coleman
22 Johnston   Raymond A. Johnston Carman Welder Raymond Johnston
18 Johnston   Roy A. Johnston Laborer Raymond Johnston
20 Johnston   John Franklin Johnston Blacksmith Raymond A. Johnston
1 Johnston   John "Johnnie" Johnston Carman Ottie Mae Johnston
Turntable Johnston   Thomas F. Johnston Brakeman Erna Johnston
Turntable Johnston   Homer Johnston Baseball Player Erna Johnston
21 Jones   William E. Jones Station Agent Myrtle D. Jones
24 Jones   James R. Jones Carman Helper Flora N. Jones
25 Jones   Oscar E. Jones Storekeeper Dorothy Jones
11 Jose   Mike Jose Carman Lillie F. Christian
23 Judd   Bernice Dubach Judd 1914-1964 Clerk M.P. Bldg Herman Koch
22 Keath   Odis C. Keath Carman 1945-1975 Denine & Raymond Keath
18 Keenan   Ed. Keenan Sand Blaster Dorothy Kite
3 Keller   Otto Keller Sr. Machinist Della Keller & Joan Adams
2 Keller   Otto Keller Supervisor Machinist Ed Keller
18 Kennedy   Edward E. "Buck" Kennedy Adopted by Nat'l Jr. Honor Society at DHS
5 Ketcherside   Buford H. Ketcherside Laborer Bernard Ketcherside
28 Kintner   Les Kintner Machinist Greg Hawkins
28 Kinworthy   D. G. Kinworthy Chico 1972-07 Carman Welder Dennis Kinworthy
6 Kite   Marvin E. Kite Carman Writeup Dorothy J. Kite
24 Klaus   Dan Klaus 4/1/1971 DeSoto - Omaha Dorothy Klaus
17 Klaus   Dorothy Jett Klaus 60-61 Vac. Secretary Dorothy Klaus
7 Klaus   Eugene L. Klaus Machinist 1948 Dorothy Klaus
6 Knauer   Adolph Christian Knauer Bill & Irmalee Mahn
5 Knauer   Adolf Christian Knauer Glenn W. Knauer
11 Koch   Michael C. Koch Laborer Michael C. Koch
24 Kramer   Mike Kramer "Shop Laborer" 01-28-74 Carol Huskey
5 La Plant   Charlie La Plant Sheridan & Goodwin La Plant
15 Ladd Jr.   Albert "AB"" Ladd Jr. Supply Dept. Evelyn Ladd
18 Lake   Robert "Bob" Lake Carman Robert E. Lake
12 Lanham   Robert B. Bob" Lanham Carman Helper Walter Lanham
20 Lasch   Felix C. Lasch Electrician Adopted by Pam Brown
6 Latham   Elbert Latham Car Supervisor 1947-1985 Anna L. Latham
4 Latham   Stanford Latham Anna L. Latham
28 Lawson   Cecil B Lawson 1952 - 1956 Shirley Rutledge
22 Leas   Irwin Leas Engineer Mo. Pac. Glenda Nagel
15 Leftridge   Homer E. Leftridge Helper Bill Leftridge
25 Leftridge   Ken Leftridge 5/27/66-5/29/08 Carman Welder Leftridge Family
25 Leftridge   William "Tony" Leftridge Laborer Brian Ganninger
8 Levall   Steve L. Levall Employed 1971 Peggy Levall
1 Lewis   Vivian L Lewis Carman 30 Yrs. Serv. Lois E. Lewis
1 Lewis   David Wesley "Wes" Lewis Helper Dorothy G. Lewis
2 Lewis   Ernest B. Lewis Welder Gladys Hammack
18 Lewis   Earl E. Lewis Lank" Car Helper J. C. Lewis
6 Lewis   Joe C. Lewis Cornie" Car Helper J. C. Lewis
2 Lewis   Raymond T. "Red" Lewis Carman Bernard Ketcherside
20 Lewis   Edwin Scott Lewis Carman G. Scott Lewis
18 Littrell   W. D. "Bill" Littrell Labor Stencil Herbert Littrell
7 Livengood Sr.   Walter A. Livengood Sr. Carman Welder Phyllis J. Livengood
22 Livengood Sr.   Woodrow Livengood Sr. Carman Carolyn Livengood
17 Liverar   George L. Liverar Carman Kathleen A. Maddox
2 Logan   Ken A. Logan Carman Bertha Logan
Turntable Lollis   James R Lollis Carman Welder 1974-2009
Turntable Lollis   Glen R.Lollis Mech. Supt. of Shops
1 Long   George W. Long Chief RR Fire Dept. William E. Long
Turntable Long   Clarence Long Round House 1922 Davie C. Long
11 Lovely   Robert Lee Lovely David Jinkerson
20 Lovely   Robert Lee Lovely
25 Mahn   Edward J. Mahn Doris J. Mahn & Family Doris Mahn
4 Mallery   Joseph Mallery Switchman G. Scott Lewis
1 Maloney   Lawrence "Red" Maloney Carman Welder Richard Maloney
8 Maness   Pleasant Hugh Maness Engineer Gwen Lewis
25 Maness   Everett A. Maness Engineer Gwen Lewis
10 Maness   George Maness Engineer Gwen Lewis
1 Marcum   William James Marcum William Marcum
5 Marler   Roger Dale Marler Carman Welder Roger Marler
26 Marler   James Evert Marler Pipe Fitter Doris J. Rogers & Joan Keller
15 Marler Sr.   Rev. Robert Marler Sr. Carman Welder Roger Marler
11 Martin   John E. Martin Riveter Betty A. Schellin
6 Martin   Walter Martin Sr. Carman Helper Walter Martin
Turntable Martin   John J Martin111 Carman Welder Track 7 Gang Dave Valleko
Turntable Martin 111   John J Martin111 Carman Welder Track 7 Gang John J. Martin 111
20 Mason   Issac L. Mason Machinist 1900-1945 Jacquelyn M. Hoyt
25 Mason   Hugo H. "Hi" Mason Chief Clerk Adopted by Sandra Dietrich
31 Masson   Harvey E. Masson Carman Welder Kathy Masson
1 Maupin   David J. Maupin David Maupin
21 Mayer   John L. Mayer Foreman General John L. Mayer
15 Mazurek   Tom Mazurek Carman Martha Mazurek
14 McAnally   David W. McAnally Carman Welder Lora Mae Sharp
2 McAnally   Fermon McAnally Millman Harold & Dolores Hamel
8 McAnally   Carless D. McAnally Carman Harold & Dolores Hamel
1 McCurdy   V. Ray McCurdy Beverly Ringling
22 McCutcheon   Wm. Ivan McCutcheon Carman Wilma M. McCutcheon
11 McCutcheon   Kenneth P. McCutcheon Carman Wilma M. McCutcheon
22 McCutcheon   Wm. Herman McCutcheon Laborer Wilma M. McCutcheon
5 McDermott   Neil J. McDermott Carman Shirley McDermott
14 McFarland   Walter McFarland Carman Welder Lillie & Gary Porterfield
10 McKay   Harry C. McKay "Cookie" Carman Adopted by Phil & Alice Hardt
13 McKee   Jim L. McKee Carman 1971-1995 Herman "Dutch" Koch
13 McKeone   Thomas F. McKeone Supt.7-10-1970 Jean K. Nixon
28 McKinstry   Sam McKinstry Show Me Car Club Show Me Car Club
5 McMULLIN   Delmar Thomas "Mac" McMullin Carman Vermelda K. McMullin
2 Meadows   Dave Wesley Meadows Mach. Helper Shula M. Davis
8 Mecey   Fred R. Mecey Laborer Patricia Mecey
14 Mecey   Fred R. Mecey Laborer Carol S. Scott
12 Medley   Dale "Curley" Medley Carman Lila Medley
11 Mercer   James L. Mercer Carman Welder James L. Mercer
18 Mercer   Kevin T. Mercer Carman Linda L. Saylor
1 Mercer   Leroy A. Mercer Carman Welder James L. Mercer
1 Micke   Albert J. Micke Apprentice Albert J. Micke
22 Micke   Albert F Micke Carman Draftsman Albert J. Micke
26 Micke   Frank Henry Micke Beverly Kennedy
2 Micke Sr.   Henry F. Micke Sr. Laborer Albert J. Micke
29 Miller   Nick W. "Joe" Miller Carman Welder
21 Missey   Lester J. Missey Section Gang Alla M. Missey
24 Missey   Wilburn C. Missey Conductor Melba Missey
2 Missey   Charles J. Missey Supply Dept. Charles Missey
15 Missey   Lucien Missey MO PAC 1856-1918 Joan Missey Govero
16 Missey Sr.   Charles J. Missey Sr. Carman Helper Charles Missey
15 Mitchell   Allen Mitchell Mo. Pac. Mary L. Hedger
10 Moore   Jerry B. Moore Carman Jerry B. Moore
9 Moore   Carol Moore Laborer Jerry B. Moore
5 Moses   Lewis M. Moses Laborer Helen H. Barr
2 Moses   Eldon J. Moses Eldon J. Moses
25 Mothershead   A. Mothershead Conductor MO PAC William Mounts
18 Mountford   William H. Mountford Blacksmith Lora Mae Sharp
16 Mountford   Raymond E. Mountford Machinist Lora Mae Sharp
28 Mulick   John Mulick General Director John Mulick
18 Nees   Wayne Nees Mo. Pac. 1971-2005 Wayne Nees
9 Nees   Conway W. Nees "Snaz" US Navy WW 11 L. M. Nees
18 Norris   William Henry Norris Engineer Dorothy Norris Hill
8 O'Rourke   E.P.ORourke Blacksmith Early 1900s William O'Rourke
9 O'Rourke   E.W. ORourke Machinist 1896-1921 William O'Rourke
8 O'Rourke   C. T. ORourke Trainman Early 1900s Helen O'Rourke
11 O'Rourke   J. M.ORourke Trainman Early 1900s Helen O'Rourke
13 O'Rourke   J. C.ORourke Yardmaster early 1930's Helen O'Rourke
14 O'Rourke   D. A. O'Rourke Trainman Early 1900s Helen O'Rourke
1 Ogle   John Ogle Carman MO PAC Robert Ogle
11 Ogle   Archie F. Ogle Carman MO PAC Robert Ogle
14 Ogle   Clyde Ogle Carman MO PAC Robert Ogle
19 Ogle   Gus Ogle Carman MO PAC Robert Ogle
13 Ogle   Marvin Ogle Carman MO PAC Robert Ogle
1 Ogle   Jeffrey Ogle Mo. Pacific 5-72 12-76 Jeffrey A. Ogle
16 Ohlman   Glenn Ohlman "Aince" Gerald G. Ohlman
7 Ohlman   Vincent A. Ohlman Apprentice Marian Wedel
8 Oker   Oliver "Spot" Oker Mildred A. Sloan
25 Oker   WALTER G. "SCUD" OKER Carman Marie Oker
18 Olson   G. Gary Olson 1978-1981 Account. Dept. Blaine Olson
5 Olson   George Olson 1930s Blaine Olson
1 Osborne   Jeremiah F. Osborne Carman Helper
5 Osia   Clarence L. Osia Blacksmith Betty Bourisaw
15 Ottomeyer   John David Ottomeyer Carman Helper Marie Ottomeyer
8 Outman   James Love Outman Shops Warren Norris
Turntable Papek   Joe Foreman 1973 - 2010 Joe Papek
4 Parish   Richard O. Parish Carman 1966-2003 Richard O. Parish
8 Parmeley   Clarence M. Parmeley Leroy & Cassandra Parmeley
15 Parmeley   Roy A. Parmeley Leroy & Cassandra Parmeley
15 Pashea   Roy J. Pashea Painter Rhonda Brooks & Delores Patterson
18 Patton   Ralph B. Patton Carman Helper Daisy Patton
6 Paul   Jeffrey K. Paul Switchman Jesse J. Bone
3 Paull   Harold S. Paull Fab. Foreman Earlene M. Paull
1 Peacock   Jesse E. Peacock Carman Tim Miller
2 Peeples   Robert Lee "Bob" Peeples Carman Welder Alyce Peeple Thomas
21 Perisha   Emanuel Perisha Carman Foreman Joseph Glenn Freer
10 Pierce   Joseph Wesley Pierce 1919-2003 Mary L. Hedger
19 Pierce   Wesley Greene Pierce Mary L. Hedger
1 Pinckard   Bill Pinckard 1912-1987 Blacksmith Donald W. Pinckard
15 Pinson   Lawrence J. Pinson Carman Painter Lawrence J. Pinson
15 Pinson   Sam L. Pinson Carman Employed 1946 Peggy Levall
6 Pinson   Dorsey Pinson 1275th Cbt Eng US Army WW 11 L. M. Nees
12 Politte   John J. Politte Marcella Scharf
4 Politte   John Joseph Politte Gang Foreman Marie Ottomeyer
22 Ponzar   John Ponzar Family Carpenter Richard Fisher for the family
6 Pope   Paul J. Pope 1950-1974 David Maupin
31 Pope   John Wesley Pope Mildred Ames Winemiller
5 Portell   Gillia F. Portell Carman Paul A. Portell
13 Portell   Geary S. Loving Husband Dad & Grandpa Donna Portell
21 Porterfield   Gary L. Porterfield Clerk Lillie & Gary Porterfield
30 Powers   Lawrence Powers 1950-1961 Lawrence Powers
7 Powers Jr.   Daniel J. Powers Jr. Carman Daniel J. Powers, Sr.
19 Powers Sr.   Daniel J. Powers Sr. Carman Daniel J. Powers, Sr.
1 Prather   Curtis E. Prather Laborer Curtis Prather
12 Prather   Perry E. Prather Carman Welder P. E. Prather
9 Pratt   Chester E. Pratt Carman Painter Helen A. Pratt
11 Pratt   Chester E. Pratt Cash, no name given
16 Pratt   Jesse L. Pratt Carman Welder Virginia M. Sweet
17 Pratt Sr.   Bill Pratt, Sr. 6-1936 6-1979 M of W Foreman Linda Sternard
28 Pratte   David A. Pratte Trackman 1934-1964 James L. Pratt, Sr.
3 Price   Johnny A. Price 1946-1985 Johnny A. Price
26 Prichard   Thomas Nathan Prichard 1940s Roberta Northcutt
19 Purdy   Dick Purdy Yard Mrs. Karl Hoelscher, Jr.
6 Queen   Fred E. Queen Foreman Fred Queen
3 Queen   Fredrich "Electra" Queen Ronald Queen
9 Queen   Francis Earl Queen Carman Appr. Ronald Queen
4 Queen   Fredrich Earl Queen Car Foreman Ronald Queen
5 Queen   Frederick "Grandpa" Queen Fred Queen
11 Queen   Frederick Eugene Queen Russ Queen
17 Rainwater   Paul Rainwater Paul Rainwater
2 Rainwater   Charles Rainwater Carman Paul Rainwater
20 Rainwater   George W. Rainwater Watchman Paul Rainwater
14 Randolph   Rich Randolph Carman Terri Adams
7 Redfield Jr.   Gordon Henry Redfield Jr. Supervisor Marilyn Redfield
2 Redfield. Sr.   Gordon Henry Redfield Sr. Car Inspector Marilyn Redfield
13 Rees   Doug Rees Carman Painter Judy Rees
2 Reeves   Nonie George Reeves Carman Joyce Reeves
15 Rencehausen   Edgar I. Rencehausen Carman Wanda L. Rencehausen
6 Reppy   Charles Z. Reppy Carman Myrtle D. Jones
6 Reppy   Clyde A. Reppy Carman Myrtle D. Jones
1 Reppy   Burrell S. Reppy Carman Myrtle D. Jones
21 Reynolds   Robert F. Reynolds Carman D. Joy Griffith
4 Reynolds   Floyd "Toby" Reynolds Electrician Floyd N. Reynolds
16 Reynolds   Thomas "Mort" Reynolds Blacksmith 40 Carl Reynolds
15 Reynolds   John A. Reynolds Carman Glenda Perry
22 Richardson   Robert H. Richardson Bobbie Caldwell
23 Richardson   George L. Richardson Carman Jane Lewis
11 Richardson   George G. Richardson Carman Jane Lewis
6 Richardson   Steve Richardson Carman Painter Lyna Richardson
31 Richason   Clyde Richason Laborer Vicky Bryant
Turntable Richeson   Dennis Richeson M.P. 1971-2011 Dennis Richeson
15 Robertson   Benjamin Wesley Robertson Chris Harter
2 Robertson   B. W. Robertson Laborer Anthony Malone
3 Roderique   D. J. "Don" Roderique 1948-1984 Donald J. Roderique
15 Roderique   R. P. "Bob" Roderique 1952-1994 Donald J. Roderique
3 Roderique   Leo G. Roderique Adopted by Wanda O. Slattery
28 Rogers   David L. Rogers Crane Operator David & Karen Rogers
Turntable Rogers   John General Foreman Maint 43 Yrs Srv Cathy Rae Rogers
6 Rogers Sr.   Thomas C. Rogers Sr. Clerk Claudia L. Rogers
8 Ross   Fred A. Ross Carman Welder Billee Ross
28 Ross   James F. Ross Director System Shop Davalie Fraser
25 Rousan   Bern Rousan Engineer 1943-1981 Bern Rousan
25 Rousan   Grant Rousan Laborer M.P. 1954-1984 Bern Rousan
10 Roussin   C. Benjamin Roussin Sta. Engineer Doug Roussin
24 Rowden   Christopher "Chris" Rowden Iron Mtn. 1888 Ora Mae Williamson
5 Salisbury   Otto Salisbury Foreman Butch Salisbury
11 Salisbury   Harold Salisbury Carman Butch Salisbury
12 Salisbury   Edgar Salisbury Gen. Foreman Wm. E. Salisbury
8 Salisbury   Bill Salisbury Asst. General Car Inspector Wm. E. Salisbury
Turntable Sampson   Rick MAGOO MOPAC UPPR Carman Welder Mrs Larronce Sampson
Turntable Sanderbeck   V J Elec Gen Foreman MO PAC 1946-1980 Julie Sorenson
21 Sansoucie   Daily Sansoucie Carman Albert J. Micke
11 Sansoucie   Edgar "Suesse" Sansoucie Carman Mary E. Reed
4 Sansoucie   Clarence Sansoucie Carman John W. Bigland, Jr.
15 Schlett   Fred Schlett Foreman Dorothy Schlett
25 Schmitz   Ferd A Schmitz Laborer Mo. Pac. RR Scott Schmitz
Turntable Schubert   Raymond D. Schubert CNW-UP Susan Schubert
8 Schuerman   Tim Schuerman Carman Foreman Michael Schuerman
8 Schuerman   Ted Schuerman Mech. Engineer Michael Schuerman
21 Schutte   Anthony B. Schutte Bob Schutte
21 Schutte   John A Schutte Apprentice 1952 Drewanna Schutte
29 Schutte   Michael A. Schutte Carman Rosalie Pinson
Turntable Schutte   Ed Schutte 05/28/1974 12/02/2013 Ginger Schutte
Turntable Schutte   ED 5/28/1974 12/02/2013 Ginger Schutte
22 Schwaegerle   Adolph "Max" Schwaegerle Office Adopted by Charles Ciscell
26 Schwenk   John Laborer Ellis Family Nita Ellis Caldwell
15 Scott   C.S. Scott Bridge Foreman 1919-1957 Nedra Courtway
25 Scott   O. F. "Red" Scott Bridge & Build. Kenneth & Stewart Scott
2 Scott   Dan C. Scott Carman welder Carolyn S. Scott
5 Scott   William T. Scott, Laborer Carman Welder Judith M.Hill
5 Secrets   Paul R. Secrets Carman Welder Silivia F. Blake
10 Seyfarth   Carl J. Seyfarth Carman Dan & Mary Byers
13 Shea   William B. Shea Supt.of Shops Adopted by Alice & Phil Hardt
6 Shepard   Joseph W. Shepard Carman Russell & Vivian Sheparrd
6 Shepard   Walter J. Shepard Carman Russell & Vivian Sheparrd
15 Shepard   Irwin W. Shepard Carman Welder Russell & Vivian Sheparrd
5 Shepard   Russell E. Shepard Helper Russell & Vivian Sheparrd
12 Shepard   Walter J. Shepard Carman Welder Harold & Dolores Hamel
4 Shore   Horace A. Shore Conductor Shala E. Huff
1 Shore   William A "Bill" Shore Conductor Shala E. Huff
2 Shore   William H. Shore Mech. Engineer Shala E. Huff
14 Shunk   Darrell "Sarge" Shunk Carman Writeup Darrell Shunk
8 Sisson   Kenny Sisson Carman Welder Juanita Wyman
Turntable Sites   Thomas F. "Tommy" Sites Carman Welder
15 Sloan   Everett "Bang" Sloan Carman Marvin Sloan
1 Sloan   George "Gunner" Sloan Painter Marvin Sloan
24 Sloan   Edward Sloan Marvin Sloan
6 Sloan   Norman "Skeeter" Sloan Adopted by Lora Welsh
6 Smith   Gene "Smitty" Smith Carman Eugene R. Smith
22 Smith   Harry S. Smith Carman Gary W. Johnston
7 Sohn   Edgar L. Sohn Carman Edgar L. Sohn
7 Solomon   Seraphine Earl Solomon Layout Super. Marie Ottomeyer
5 Solomon   Charles W. Solomon Carman Colleen Luntzer
8 Solomon   Charles "Chub" Solomon Carman Henry A. Solomon
Turntable Solomon   S. E. "Dolly" Carman Karl & Paula Dodson
2 Sparks   Stephan Sparks Arlene Burt
3 Sparks   Arthur Sparks Arlene Burt
17 Sparks   Thomas S. Sparks Frieda Sparks
26 Speidel   Tony L. Speidel Carman 1937-1967 Sr. Jeanne Speidel
7 Spiker   Kenneth E. Spiker Carman Welder Mary Z Spiker
6 Spradling   William H. Spradling Carman Alnah A. Sutton
23 Stacy   Jerry L. Stacy Welder Jerry L. Stacy
22 Stafford   Ken Stafford "Heavy" Carman 9-27-72 Carol Huskey
Turntable Stafford   Jim Inspector Apr1978-Feb2009 Jim Stafford
Turntable Stark   Ruth Ann Stark Carman Welder 07/77-06/11 Ruth Ann Stark
Turntable Stein   Andrew H. Stein Loc. Engineer 1880's I.M.R.I. Clint Stein
2 Stewart   James J. Stewart Bksmith Helper Ruth Stewart
11 Stewart   James J. Stewart Bksmith Helper S. Denver Page
Turntable Stroup   Neal Stroup 1931 to 1973 Crane Car Oper John & Wanda Missey
7 Sullivan   Dennis M. Sullivan Carman Dennis M. Sullivan
1 Swaringim   E.L. Swaringim Foreman Marcella Swaringim
22 Swift   John H. Swift 1871-1921 StLo Iron Mtn Jerry Swift
26 Swob   Charles F. Swob Foreman 1865 - 1941 Mary K. Evans
27 Swob   Charles F. Swob Carman 1898 - 1975 Mary K. Evans
1 Taylor   Rev. Clarence Taylor Carman Jean A. Hoyt
7 Taylor   Richard Taylor Carman 1921-1992
11 TenEyck Sr.   William Paul TenEyck Sr. Caman Welder William P. TenEyck
23 Terry   Robert E. Terry Carman Joan Terry
27 Thebeau   Lambert A. Thebeau 41yrs Service Theodore Carmody
29 Thebeau   Lloyd T. Thebeau Sr. Ron Thebeau
22 Thebeau   Ray Thebeau Overhead Crane Operator
Turntable Thebeau   Paul Carman Welder Retired 7/2015 Paul Thebeau
14 Thomas   Jack Thomas "One Eye Jack" Carman Stephen Richardson
27 Tidwell   Alva M. "Red" Tidwell Carman James Tidwell
7 Torian   Dewey A. Torian Paul Rainwater
1 Trokey   Frank E. Trokey Carman Frank Trokey
25 Turley   C. Homer Turley Charles Turley
13 Turley   Ellis Turley Laborer Joseph Glenn Freer
17 Underwood Sr.   Russell C. Underwood Sr. MO. PAC. Eula Underwood
15 Valle   Harold D. Valle Carman Harold D. Valle
22 Valle   Webb Valle Blackwell, MO. Section Gang Bruce Valle & Roger Charleville
12 Vaughn   C.F.Vaughn MO PAC "Doc Voo Doo" William Reed
21 Veach   Jesse W. Veach Carman '48-'66 Denine & Raymond Keath
1 Vilmer   Eugene Homer Vilmer Carman Donna K. Burgee
15 Vilmer   Everett Joseph "Hi" Vilmer Carman Donna K. Burgee
8 Vilmer   Everett Vilmer Carman Linda Harness
11 Vogelpohl   Leo C. Vogelpohl 1948-1974 Viola E. Vogelpohl
19 Voisey   Ernest R. Voisey Carman Helen R. Voisey
25 Wagner   Alfred Wesley Wagner Howard Wagner
26 Wagner   Wesley Wagner Howard Wagner
7 Walker   Troy Walker Signalman Myrtle Hopson
9 Wall   Sidney J. Wall Glenda R. Moses
12 Walls   H.M. "Jack" Walls Blacksmith Henry M. Walls
23 Wamsganz   Marvin L. Systems Analyst D/S 1970-1972 Carol Wamsganz- Pryor, William Wamsganz & Dianna Wamsganz Polasik
Turntable Warden   Homer Lee Warden Carman Welder Kevin Warden
21 Warren   Donald Warren Electrician Donald Warren
18 Washburn   Cal H. Washburn Gn Mti Foreman MP-UP 40 Years Barbara Craig
29 Watkins   Ronald Watkins Carman
6 Watters   Harold "Louie" Watters Carman Welder Elaine Watters
20 Weber   Harry E. Weber Signal Foreman Mary Alice Weber
27 Westhoff   In Memory Anton Westhoff Mary Sisler
25 Westhoff   Bernard"Sleep" Westhoff Carman/Welder Mary Sisler
4 Westhoff   William J. Westhoff Carman Jean M. Westhoff
1 Whaley   Walter L. Whaley Carman Wm. E. Salisbury
1 Whitter   Juyel "Joe" Whitter Carman 29 Yrs. Barbara Lewis
2 Wickerham, Sr.   Harold L. Wickerham, Sr. Carman welder Brenda L. Sona
22 Wikoff   Paul Wikoff 1966-2007 CNW/UP Paul Wikoff
11 Wiley   James Lester Wiley Carman Helper Norma Jeane Wiley
2 Wilkinson   Edwin Cecil Wilkinson B.1925 D.2000 Grace Wilkinson
8 Wilkinson   M.L. Wilkinson Welder 1948-1987 Ellen Sickler
22 Wilkinson   L. Dewain Wilkinson Carman Welder David Jinkerson
1 Wilkinson   Benjamin Bailey Wilkinson Mary L. Hedger
20 Wilkinson   Milburn "Wilkie" Wilkinson Unknown
3 Wilkinson   Thomas James Wilkinson Carman Steve Sparks
11 Williams   J. D. Williams Carman '40's-60's John D. Williams
28 Williams   John Errol Williams Dr. John Dickinson
8 Williams   Marvin Williams Painter Chloe DeClue
5 Williams   Alfred "Alf" Williams Carman MoPac H. C. Fincher
6 Williams   Edward Williams Olivia Stockghausner
18 Williamson   Lester L. Williamson Machinist Ora Mae Williamson
2 Wilson   Thomas F. Wilson Car Inspector Rose Mae Rauls
2 Wilson   Mark E. Monk Wilson Mark E. Wilson
13 Wilson   Larry T. "Red" Wilson '73-'88 Carman Larry T. Wilson
19 Wilson   Fred H. Wilson Carman E. J. Pashia
1 Wilson   Richard Boston Wilson Ruby Graff
7 Wood   Donald M. Wood Painter Sylvia Wood
18 Woodard   Clarence H. Woodard Carman Jessie Woodard
18 Wright   Richard Wright Car Apprentice 03/53-05/55 Rosemary Koch
5 Yarbrough   Thomas Wm. Yarbrough Carman Welder Arthur & Margaret Yarbrough
16 Yates   Wiliam W Yates Carman 1924 Albert J. Micke
13 Young   Vernon A Young Carman Kathleen A. Maddox
29 Young   Bill Young, Sr. M.P. 1931-1967 Young Family Margaret H. Autrey

                              4x8 Engraved Friend's Brick - $50.00

Row Dedication      Line1 Line2 Line3 Purchased by
1 Picture Wall Dugan   Audrey Memorial Friend Members of De Soto Railroad Employees Memorial Board
1 Picture Wall Girls Scouts   of De Soto Memorial Friend Debra & Randy Schulz
1 Picture Wall Jefferson Cty Model RR   We Honor All Railworkers Jeffco&SoMRRC Jefferson Cty & So MRRC
1 Picture Wall Koch   Dorothy Memorial Friend Loving Wife Charles Koch